Furrytail Glow House Cat Litter Box
Concept Designer
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The Furrytail Team

Embodying Feline Elegance, Crafting Human Comfort

This concept was born when Furrytail approached me to envision their inaugural flagship product. Cats, revered for their pride, elegance, and at times, sophisticated demeanor, served as my primary inspiration. The interplay of light and shadow, the juxtaposition of lines and curves - every minutiae was meticulously considered to ensure the litter box resonates with the aesthetics of both cats and their human families.

Conceived with architectural precision, this litter house sports a sleek, modern appearance coupled with a semi-enclosed design. It ensures a harmonious balance between providing privacy for felines and maintaining comfort for their human companions, all while effectively mitigating odors.

Complete with tracker traps to prevent litter tracking and a removable litter tray and scoop, for easy clean up. Perfect for use in apartments and units, or for anyone looking for stylish litter tray solution.

Courtesy of Furrytail