Si Studio

Advised by Yi-Teng Shih


European Product Design Award Winner - Silver

Si = See

Si Studio is a new experience of learning through “seeing” and “creating”, in an old medium without digital tools. It is a multi-functional drawing mat that encourages young kids to perceive the environment and interacting with other people through making /creating. Unlike traditional tools for art education, the design allows kids to draw in 3D space, without blocking the view of the surrounding environment. It also provides an opportunity for children to move around, engaging with different environment and people. Children can enjoy various ways of creation by building their own studio before painting and drawing.

“Si” has the same Chinese pronunciation of “four”, indicating each unit is consist of four triangular pieces, which can be folded into a portable size. Three shared edges of the four pieces were sewed together while leaving the rest six edges free and can be attached to each other through Velcro. Multiple drawing units can form a larger scale space for many kids to play and draw.