Design Lead

Jillian Qua, Saranya Rukmangadhan, Nidhi Sharma

Exhibition & Talk

Milan Design Week 2019


Bronze A’design Award

IDA Award Gold Winner

A New Phase of Dining Experience

Luna is a sauce dish uniquely designed to bring a new phase of mindfulness to one’s dining experience. Pouring sauce in a steady stream into the Luna dish reveals the phases of the moon, evoking a meditative presence of mind at the start of the meal. The design, forged through computational modeling and flow simulation, balancing aesthetics and functionality with scientific precision. This limited edition dish is available exclusively for discerning Japanese fine dining establishments.

Made from maple wood, Luna was purposely hand-shaped at an angle meant for the liquid to flow in a gentle ebb into the different contours of the dish. The raised bottom that tangentially meets the base of the dish was carved at an angle to allow the steady placement of the carrying hand. On the far end of the dish is a subtle curve for a chopstick to rest on it.

Bridging Daily Routines and Culinary Aesthetics through Flow-Inspired Design

The aim was to delve into the intricate ways in which human beings connect with their daily routines and the items they interact with regularly. One of the compelling areas of opportunity identified was the treatment and consumption of meals. Despite the significant role that food plays in our lives, it is often overlooked in the rush and hustle of daily life. There is rarely a pause to contemplate the food being consumed. Upon exploring the various stages of eating, the tools utilized, and even personal favorite foods, a recurring theme emerged - that of FLOW. This was visible in the seamless flow of curves in beloved kitchen utensils, the easy flow of conversation around good food, and the flow of energy back and forth.

To ensure precision in functionality and aesthetics, computational design and flow simulation have been utilized to the fullest extent. The design process was firmly rooted in scientific methodologies, ensuring every contour and cavity of the dish had a specific role to play. By meticulously conducting simulations and iterating on the designs, a fine balance was struck between beauty and utility. The final design allows precisely 6ml (0.2 ounce) of liquid to be poured in, ensuring the perfect level of flavor for a fine dining experience. This delicate equilibrium enhances the meal while maintaining a refined and elegant ambiance.

Utilizing a combination of clay, foam, and wooden models, the fluid dynamics of liquid on various solid surfaces and angles was analyzed. Aesthetic considerations were paired with functionality as different speeds, widths, depths, and curvatures were explored. As the concept's mechanics were established, additional elements were considered, such as complementary food pairings and the user interaction with shallow dishes containing liquids.

Ultimately, a minimalist design was chosen to highlight the core aspects of the dish, from the flow of the liquid to a visually captivating design that subtly grasps the user's attention. User engagement was prioritized, focusing on the tactile interaction with hands and chopsticks. Named Luna, the dish offers versatile uses, functioning excellently with viscous sauces like soy sauce and vinegar, while also adeptly holding and separating multiple sticky sauces, pastes, and spices.